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Strawberry Chocolate Bar Keto

Strawberry Chocolate Bar Keto
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Strawberry Chocolate Bar Keto
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Strawberry Chocolate Bar Keto Fabric

no added sugar strawberry chocolate bar, rich of almond, strawberry and coconut covered with milk chocolate

  • 100% strawberry, almond and coconut
  • 1g sugar
  • non GMO
  • suitable for keto
  • no added sugar


Coconut flakes (21%), sweetener: maltitol syrup; Milk chocolate (sweetener: maltitol; cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: lecithins ( soy ); natural vanilla flavor), almonds , filler: polydextrose; Humectant: Glycerin; Freeze-dried strawberry powder (1%), natural flavor, salt, antioxidant: extracts with a high tocopherol content.

Expiration date : 03-05-2021

Serving Size35 g
Calorieskcal 161
Total Fatg 12
Saturated fatsg 6.3
Proteing 2.7
Total Carbohydrate2g net carb
Dietary Fiberg 3.4
Sugarg 1
Sodiumg 0.05


May contain traces of nuts and gluten

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