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Novo Protein Break Bar

Novo Protein Break Bar
Novo Protein Break Bar
Novo Protein Break Bar
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Novo Protein Break Bar
Novo Protein Break Bar
Novo Protein Break Bar
Novo Protein Break Bar
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Novo Protein Break Bar is a product that is classified as a light healthy snack with 15g protein, a taste of fine chocolate, 
as it contributes to the hospitalization and nutrition period of excellence.

About the product
High protein: 15 grams of protein per 100 g serving in a light wafer bar. Healthy snacks Novo protein protein bar healthy snack.
Workout recovery: a great healthy snack snack after exercise, great for sports and high endurance gym training
Flavor: chocolate
NOVO 'melt-to-mouth' protein chips offer a light and delicious alternative to hard-to-eat traditional protein bars. With 15 grams 
of protein in the bar a healthy snack, healthy snacks have never been as delicious as the Novo Protein Bar.
It is a delicious two-finger pub filled with chocolate cream and crunchy chips, all covered 
with real milk chocolate. It's the perfect snack, with more protein, and can be enjoyed anytime, 
anywhere - not to mention gluten-free.

Enriched protein
Less than 1 gram of sugar
gluten free
Made with real milk chocolate

Allergic information: milk, eggs, soy
Weight 550 g
Country of origin United Kingdom
The Novo brand
Milk chocolate with maltitol (81%) [cocoa butter, sweetener (maltitol), whey protein from milk, 
whole milk powder, cocoa cream powder, emulsified concentration butter (lecithin), vanilla
 extract bourbon], sweetener (maltitol), Flour rice, potato starch, coconut oil, tef flour,
 soybean meal, skimmed cocoa powder 0.8%, emulsion (soy lecithin), egg yolk, salt, growth
 factor (sodium bicarbonate)


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